Best Investment

NA Bungalow Plots

at Kamshet. Just 5 mins from Old Mumbai-Pune Expressway.


Plots starting @ Rs. 32 Lacs.

Individual 7/12 extract in customers name within a month of Sale Deed.

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Investment Bungalow Plots at Kamshet.

RERA Registered Project – Forisaqua.com,

Located just 0.9 Km off the Old Pune – Mumbai Highway.

RERA No. P52100022939

Project Highlights

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External Compound wall for Entire Project

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Grand Entrance Gate with Security Cabin

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Wide concrete Tremix / Paved Block Road

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Rain Water Harvesting

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Roadside Plantation

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1.478 FSI

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Residential NA Plots with Sanctioned Layout

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Electricity Connection up to the Plots

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Provision for Water Connection up to the Plots

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Distinctively Demarcated Plots

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Designer Name Signage

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Round the Clock Security

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Multiple mini waterfalls within project

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Designer walkways along the road

Project Plan

na bungalow investment plots - c6acc4faa8b7b88ba5d5624e0b4f913e 661x658x0x82x661x493x1613371206 - NA Bungalow Investment Plots

Master Layout

Plot Starting Onwards

187 Sq. Mtr.


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Children’s play area

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Landscaped Garden & Sit out area

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Jogging Track

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Overhead Water Tank

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Designer Gazebo

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Located just 0.9 Km off the Old Pune – Mumbai Highway.



Gat number 217, 219, 220 and others,

Kusgaon Khurd, Kamshet,

Maval, Pune,


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